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Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Did you know that quality assurance (QA) and software testing is essential in building a software product that your customers will like? Whether it’s a mobile or computer based application, testing coverage is vitally important.
All aspects of the application must be taken into consideration before sending it out to the people who will make or break your business.
At Acelogy, we have all of your bases covered. From reviewing the requirements (static testing), UI/usability and functional testing, all the way to end-to-end testing and production validation.


The advantages of QA services are endless. By adding QA and Software Testing earlier, your business will save costs in the long run. It is a fact that the earlier QA find the bugs, the less costly it is to fix them.

4 Main benefits of Quality Assurance & Software Testing

QA Boosts Customer Satisfaction

High quality product that was well tested before the release will guarantee that end users will be highly satisfied and will make your business thrive. By offering quality software that works as intended, you will be boosting your reputation by producing happy customers. Don’t test your customer’s patience with defective software that you have to constantly fix. Give them quality from the beginning and they’ll reward you with loyalty.

QA Saves You Money

Quality assurance helps to save about 40% of all costs. Doesn’t it sound quite nice? Testing has many benefits and one of the most important ones is cost-effectiveness. Having testing in your project can save money in the long run. Software development consists of many stages and if bugs are caught in the earlier stages it costs much less to fix them. That is why it’s important to get QA involved in the project as soon as possible. Getting testers or QA’s who are technically educated and experienced for a software project is just like an investment and your project will benefit budget-wise.

QA Ensures Security & Compliance

Security is another important benefit of QA. This is probably the most sensitive and yet most vulnerable part.There have been many situations where user information has been stolen or hackers have gotten to it and used it for their benefit. That is the reason people are looking for trusted products that they can rely on. By implementing the best practices of QA and Software testing into Software Development process will ensure that your product is secure and industry compliant.

QA Provides The Outcomes You Wanted

QA and Software Testing guarantee the best possible result and it is the first and the most important point. In order to make your product vision come to life, it has to work as planned. Following product requirements is imperative, to an extent, because it helps you get the end results you wanted.
At Acelogy, we provide Software QA & Test service as stand along service as well as a part of Software Development service. Our skilled professionals will lead the whole project from the very beginning to the product completion. Even if you have many of your bases covered yourself, we can still step in to fill in a gap as needed.
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