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Banking & Financial Services
Are you satisfied with the current speed and quality of transactions your business currently processes? Do you wish you had a better, more robust and scalable, as well as secure applications you can reply on? Are your mission-critical systems outdated and need to be refreshed and you are not sure where to start?  Here, at Acelogy, we transform technology into a major value driver for banks and financial services companies by delivering high quality applications to meet your business needs.
Media & Entertainment
Do you need assistance with enhancing your video games? Wish to get ahead of your competition by employing cutting-edge technologies? ​We develop advanced tech solutions for media & entertainment companies. Our projects range from complex media portals and video streaming services to custom virtual reality experiences and online multiplayer games.
Healthcare industry is one of the fast growing and challenging. Have you already assessed current state of your software systems? Are you looking for a more secure way to store sensitive data of your clients to be in compliance with HIPPA? Does your current experience processing payments fully meet your expectations?​Acelogy helps healthcare companies develop innovative software solutions. We use cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to transform the healthcare industry.
Marketing and Digital Solutions
Do your marketing digital solutions deliver expected results and can you measure and optimize their performance? How effective are your marketing campaigns? Do they generate a high volume of leads?​We utilize our experience with advanced technologies such as machine learning and deep learning to help achieve your goals. businesses create digital solutions that substantially improve customer experiences and add substantial business value.
Retail and E-commerce
Do you dream of becoming another Amazon? Why not? Anything is possible. Do you need a fast, responsive, scalable e-commerce website and well performant mobile applications?​We help retail companies across the globe to deliver contextual, consistent, and personalized customer experiences by integrating secure payment solution. We have integrated more than 20 payment systems, including the most popular in the US. It helped our clients expand their customer focus, as well as to become more convenient for current customers.
Is your platform capable of providing exceptional experience to students and how does it compare against your competition? Are you planning to significantly increase your user base and don't want the performance to suffer?​We offer full-cycle development of instructional management solutions. We create educational and e-learning software applications for educational institutions as well as general  use.
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