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Our team is passionate about building exceptional quality products and solving complex business challenges.

We have over 150 software developers, quality assurance engineers and project managers, both inshore and offshore, to support your ever increasing needs and requirements.

Most of the staff members have been in their profession for over 10 years, hold professional certifications and have completed over 175 projects ranging from simple to complex, to very complex.


CEO & Co-founder

Mariya Bohun

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Inspired by her previous success, Mariya founded Acelogy with the idea of working with organizations to fully understand their business and operational models as well as software development processes to offer a solution that significantly benefits and bolsters them.

Mariya has been in the software development industry for over a decade. She started her career as a Software Quality Engineer and then quickly rose to the role of a manager of software quality assurance and software development that she held with great outcomes at multiple organizations.

In the time free from work, Mariya enjoys living in Florida and spending time with her family and three kids.

CTO & Co-founder

Alexey Nazarov

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Alexey posses a diverse background in IT with over twenty years of experience ranging from an infrastructure systems administrator to a consultant and later to a consulting architect where he spent most of his career prior to co-founding Acelogy.

He found his success in working closely with business owners and stakeholders to uncover and address pitfalls with the idea of helping grow their business through offering effective solutions.

Outside of work, Alexey enjoyes fishing in the Gulf of Mexico (Tampa Bay, Florida) where he currently lives, boating and being outdoor with his kids and family.

VP of Engineering

Liubomyr Pohreiuk

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Before founding his own successful software development company, Inoxoft, that he servers as a CEO and later joining Acelogy to help build engineering and consulting services, Liubomyr
had a successful career as a software developer himself.

Liubomyr is passionate about bringing value to clients while contributing to the business ecosystem through business and technological solutions simplifying lives of founders and CEOs.

He masters a unique skill set of looking at complex business challenges in the application development domain and breaking them down to smaller pain points which he is then able to match against effective solutions to save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

In his spare time, Liubomyr enjoys reading books and spending time with his family.

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